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Elia is an eclectic singer-songwriter raised in Italy. He is a pop singer, an eclectic performer “dancer” that enjoy to interact with people during his show, plays piano and guitar. He studied performing and manual arts, and than decided to focus on music studying vocal, piano and music in general. Diplomated in Vocal at The Institute London. His original repertoire vary from ballad to pop songs, from dance to electro-pop
Elia ,during his development as an artist, participated to musicals and theatre plays as singer and actor, this influenced the way he is on the stage, moreover he performs internationally. He lived in New York and Hollywood learning dance, performing and actually is located in London playing as solo artist, duo, with bands, and choirs.

On 28 May 2017, he has allowed to publish two of his most recent songs on our radio. Besides our weekly author workshops, you may choose and listen to his songs from our Repertoir (Artisti E).

Please visit his social media profiles for more information:

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